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Essentials Gift Set - Kinsley Frame

Kinsley Frame Blanket & Floral burp pads Gift Set

New parents will be delighted with this 3 piece set including your choice of blanket, and 2 burp pads (or bib & burp pad).   Blanket will be embroidered with baby's name inside our Kinsley Frame.  Burp pads (or bib & burp pad) will be sewn as shown:  flower stacked with name, and initial & stacked name (with daisy sprinkled on initial).  

Just specify the child's name and your choice of blankets,  and we'll do the rest!  

Sample photo:

Burp (left) - Curlz font

Burp (right) - Swirls & Curls Script alphabet (K), stacked with Ballantine Script

Blanket - Tahoe - Kinsley Swirl frame with Ballantine script


(add a couple "After Meal Washcloths" for an additional extra touch!)


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