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Sprinkler Covers

This little set is ADORABLE and always a hit at Baby Showers!  

Moms & Dads will love them (and older siblings will giggle)!  Any one who has been sprinkled while changing a baby boy's diaper will appreciate these cute little covers.  

The outer cover is flannel and lined with absorbent terrycloth.  

The set includes 3 sprinkler covers (we will embroider baby's initial on one), the cute poem shown below, and a coordinating cinch bag to carry everything.  Fabric for cinch bag will vary depending on availability.  

In case your newborn boy 
should start to 'tinkle' use one 
of these cute little covers so 
you won't get showered with
the 'sprinkle' 
Ofcourse, the sprinkler covers & cinch bag are machine washable!




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